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Wireless Solutions

Site Survey

Site Surveys are performed on-site by capturing real time RF information such as signal propagation, interference and other RF characteristics. Using this information, we are then able to identify areas within your environment that do not meet the requirements for your proposed implementation of services and make recommendations ensuring a successful solution.

The report provided will include updated site drawings with current access point locations showing RF propagation in both the 2.4 and 5GHz bands. Recommendations will be made through power levels, channel plans and anything else that might be required to meet your individual needs.

Validation Survey

Validation Surveys are used to ensure that after installation, the WLAN infrastructure is operating correctly from the proposed design. We conduct this survey through both on-site RF measurements as well verification of configuration and best practices.

Recommendations will be outlined in the report abstract, upon delivery. As-built documentation will outline the infrastructure of what has been installed and RF information captured during the validation survey. The documentation will include relevant aspects such as heat map imaging, spectrum analysis results and placement of access points installation and implementation.

Predictive Design

Predictive Designs use information provided through discussion and provided floor plans to identify scope requirements for the subject space. Attenuation and walls are then simulated overtop the floor plans allowing us to then design to meet the needs of the space.

Using the floor plans provided, proposed access point locations and RF propagation along with channel and power level plans will be delivered in the report summary. The report summary will outline specific mounting and installation requirements as well as constraints that might need to be addressed before installation can occur.

On-site Design

On-Site design is utilized by taking the proposed RF equipment and designing in real time to capture accurate propagation characteristics. This type of design is used for difficult locations that have constraints where a predictive design isn’t recommended.

The provided documentation will show access point location placement as well as heat mapping superimposed over the utilised floor plan. With onsite designs, all needs are addressed in real time allowing for an easy and smooth install as cabling and mounting will be outlined.

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